Aeon Hire

Created : September 2022 → November 2023

My Role : Product Designer

Responsibilities : Design Flow, Wireframes, Design System, Prototype, HTML/CSS

Organization : MSH Business Creation (India) Pvt Ltd.

Tools Used : Figma, Miro, Aha, VSCode

UI Framework Used : React Js, Chakra UI

Website :

Project Overview

Introducing a revolutionary platform merging Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with Hiring Manager Portals seamlessly. Our unified application simplifies the recruitment process by enabling job creation, talent profile management, and comprehensive record tracking within a single interface.

Easily create job listings while simultaneously crafting and managing talent profiles, streamlining hiring workflows. Effortlessly monitor and track progress for both job openings and candidate profiles, providing a holistic view of recruitment efforts.

This intuitive platform fosters collaboration between hiring teams and recruiters, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring a cohesive and organized recruitment journey. Experience the power of a unified system, simplifying recruitment tasks while optimizing the hiring process for unparalleled success.


Managing disparate applications for talent profiles, job creation, and progress tracking posed challenges. Our unified platform simplifies this by integrating these functions, streamlining processes, and eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple systems simultaneously.


Introducing our all-in-one platform revolutionizing recruitment: a singular, intuitive application seamlessly managing job listings, onboarding, and talent tracking. Leveraging AI-driven descriptions for creating job and intuitive graphical insights for simplify critical hiring factors. From posting listings to onboarding, our unified solution optimizes the entire process, ensuring a smooth, data-rich experience for hiring teams and candidates alike.

Design Process


User Research




Design System

Visual Deign

User Reserch

Conducting extensive research, we've delved into platforms like Workable and Bullhorn, meticulously dissecting their hiring and job posting processes. Engaging in-depth discussions with in-house recruiters, we've gathered invaluable feedback and insights. Understanding their needs and experiences has been pivotal in refining our approach, ensuring our platform addresses key pain points while incorporating the best elements for a superior, recruiter-centric solution.

Visual Design

and sign-up processes

Job List

Job Creation