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Created : May 2023 → October 2023

My Role : Product Designer

Responsibilities : UX Research, Design Flow, Wireframes, Design System, Prototype

Organization : ARC Document Solutions

Tools Used : Figma, Clickup, OpenAI

Website :

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Experience seamless document management with our intelligent web app. Utilize cloud-based storage for secure archival of files, enabling easy access and efficient organization. Simplify document handling and storage in one smart solution.


Our current application's onboarding process has been complex. Users encounter multiple login options, unlike the seamless onboarding experiences offered by applications such as Dropbox and Playbook.

Our old application lacks the smart, seamless collection creation process we envision. Organizing archival documents by department or project necessitates creating collections. We aspire for a system that effortlessly categorizes files, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. A streamlined process would empower users to neatly arrange and store documents, ensuring easy retrieval based on specific needs. The goal is a user-friendly interface that intuitively manages collections, enabling precise organization by department or project, simplifying document retrieval, and enhancing productivity within our system.

Our search functionality lacks modernization, missing AI-based capabilities in the old system. Implementing AI-driven search requires well-organized document properties, currently disarrayed within the outdated application, hindering efficient retrieval of accurate search results.

Throughout the survey, prevalent user issues surfaced, shedding light on common challenges faced within the system.

Complex Login Process

Multiple steps, intricate password requirements, or confusing multi-factor authentication. Hidden login options, unclear instructions, or a cluttered interface.

Visibility and Accessibility

Efficient file uploads matter. Misplaced options and disorganized action items hinder the process. Streamlining these for intuitive access enhances seamless file uploading.

Poorly Indexed Information

When searching for a generic term and receiving a flood of irrelevant results, making it challenging to find what you need. Incomplete or inaccurate indexing of data leads to missing relevant search results or returning outdated information. Complex or unclear filter options make it difficult to refine search results according to specific criteria.


Simple and hassle-free login

Experience effortless access with our login flow: opt for a hassle-free login via email or phone number for a verification code. No password needed! For added flexibility, access your account with a password at the next level if preferred. We ensure a seamless, secure, and user-centric login process tailored to your convenience.

Effortlessly and easy documents management

Effortlessly upload documents and streamline indexing with our intuitive process. Easily upload files via a simple drag-and-drop or browse feature. Our system automates indexing, accurately categorizing documents for swift retrieval. Enjoy the simplicity of assigning tags or properties, ensuring seamless organization. Experience efficient document handling with an interface designed for ease, empowering you to swiftly upload and index files hassle-free.

AI based search experience

Benefit from our AI-driven search tailored to your domain and past activities. Our system analyzes your interactions, learning preferences, and behavior to curate personalized search results. Seamlessly accessing your domain-specific data, it refines searches based on your history, ensuring relevant and prioritized outcomes. Enjoy a dynamic search experience, where each query evolves to reflect your unique needs and preferences, enhancing efficiency and delivering precise, personalized results with every search.

Design Process


User Research


Empathy Map


User Flow



Design System

Visual Deign

User Research

We conducted supervised user research to comprehend user needs, crafting a solution addressing their problems effectively. By prioritizing user wants and needs, we devised a tailored app strategy, aligning with their requirements and enhancing overall user experience.

Some Major Design Iterations

Create collection flow

Minimize the complex view of collection list

User Flow

The user flow within the Document Management System (DMS) encompasses onboarding processes for both new and existing users, facilitating the creation of new collections, uploading documents, and listing available documents within the system.


Design System

Our primary objective is crafting an intuitive, uncluttered interface. We aimed for a soothing color palette, opting for blue, grey, and white hues. Our design system incorporates typography and reusable components for consistency and seamless user experience.

Color Palatte






Visual Design

Create New Collection

Document Upload in a empty collection

Document list and view document